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Project Description Last Change
balloon.git Balloon password hashing library written on pure Go 13 days ago
cryptoparty-www.git website contents 6 months ago
cypherpunks-www.git website contents 5 months ago
gocheese.git Python private package repository and caching proxy 13 days ago
gogost.git Pure Go GOST cryptographic functions library 13 days ago
gohpenc.git High-performance encryption utility 13 days ago
goircd.git Minimalistic simple Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server 13 days ago
gorecfile.git recutils'es recfile parser/writer on pure Go 13 days ago
goredo.git Go implementation of djb's redo 10 days ago
gost-www.git website contents 6 months ago
gostls13.git Go GOST TLS 1.3 13 days ago
gotai64n.git Pure Go TAI64N implementation 13 days ago
govpn.git Simple secure free software VPN daemon 22 months ago
netstring.git netstring format serialization library 13 days ago
nncp.git Node to Node copy 15 hours ago
pyderasn.git Python ASN.1 DER/CER/BER codec with abstract structures 13 days ago
pygost.git Pure Python GOST cryptographic functions library 4 days ago
pyssss.git Pure Python Shamir's secret sharing scheme implementation 2 years ago
ucspi.git UCSPI-related utilities 13 days ago