2022-09-05 Sergey MatveevUse an updated recfile library master
2022-09-05 Sergey Matveevio/ioutil is deprecated since Go 1.16
2022-08-03 Sergey Matveevreleases.atom
2022-08-03 Sergey MatveevYggdrasil mirror
2022-08-03 Sergey MatveevTrivial alignment
2022-08-03 Sergey MatveevAdditional signature with my new main key
2022-02-09 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 3.5.0 release
2022-02-09 Sergey MatveevFix template's doctype v3.5.0
2022-02-09 Sergey MatveevYet another restyling
2022-01-07 Sergey MatveevRaised copyright years
2021-11-26 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 3.4.0 release
2021-11-26 Sergey MatveevUse Metalink v3.4.0
2021-11-26 Sergey MatveevMissing 3.3.0 checksum
2021-11-26 Sergey MatveevDownload all .asc
2021-10-03 Sergey MatveevMove templates to external files
2021-09-29 Sergey MatveevMissing error check
2021-09-28 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 3.3.0 release
2021-09-28 Sergey MatveevMore beatiful recfile field names v3.3.0
2021-09-28 Sergey MatveevVarious typos and additions
2021-09-27 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 3.2.0 release
2021-09-27 Sergey MatveevJSON API URL is an important thing in log v3.2.0
2021-09-27 Sergey MatveevExplicitly check stored digest
2021-09-27 Sergey MatveevMissing required argument
2021-09-27 Sergey MatveevNamespace should be v3
2021-09-27 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 3.1.0 release
2021-09-27 Sergey MatveevFix mtimeless touch logic v3.1.0
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevStrip long lines
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevTypo in log message
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 3.0.0 release
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevFix download links v3.0.0
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevFixed .metadata.rec fields order
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevMore reliable serial calculation
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevRefactor -help, remove -root
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevBLAKE2b-256-aware -fsck
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevSave BLAKE2b-256 checksum during download
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevSave BLAKE2b-256 checksum during upload
2021-09-26 Sergey MatveevMetadata, mtime support. Massive refactoring
2021-09-25 Sergey MatveevUpdate dependencies
2021-09-25 Sergey MatveevSet Server and User-Agent headers
2021-09-25 Sergey MatveevAbility to turn off filesystem sync
2021-09-25 Sergey MatveevAdd PEP 629 repository-version
2021-09-25 Sergey Matveev<br/> is not required to be in package listing
2021-09-24 Sergey MatveevPasswords listing ability
2021-09-24 Sergey Matveevpyshop2packages workability
2021-09-23 Sergey MatveevUCSPI-TCP support
2021-09-23 Sergey MatveevBetter main file filename
2021-09-23 Sergey MatveevFIFO-based password management
2021-09-23 Sergey MatveevMove documentation to doc/
2021-09-23 Sergey MatveevUse TLS session tickets cache
2021-09-23 Sergey MatveevExplicitly mention that SPKI's hash is compared to
2021-09-13 Sergey MatveevTrivial shell optimizations
2021-07-15 Sergey MatveevTexinfo 6.8 compatibility
2021-03-02 Sergey MatveevSimpler CSS inclusion
2021-01-22 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 2.6.0 release
2021-01-22 Sergey MatveevVendorize tarball v2.6.0
2021-01-22 Sergey MatveevPyPI certificate's hash authentication
2021-01-22 Sergey Matveevdaemontools HUP example
2021-01-09 Sergey MatveevDirect links to GPLv3
2021-01-05 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years
2020-11-07 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 2.5.0 release
2020-11-07 Sergey Matveevdaemontools friendliness v2.5.0
2020-11-07 Sergey MatveevUpdate dependencies
2020-11-07 Sergey MatveevConstants should be constants
2020-11-07 Sergey Matveev.info also should be cleaned
2020-09-05 Sergey MatveevFix pyshop2packages.sh path
2020-09-05 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 2.4.1 release
2020-09-05 Sergey MatveevVersion refactoring v2.4.1
2020-07-24 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 2.4.0 release
2020-07-24 Sergey MatveevLess hardcoded module name v2.4.0
2020-07-24 Sergey MatveevMention redo in INSTALL
2020-07-24 Sergey MatveevReplace Makefile with redo
2020-07-24 Sergey MatveevURL fixes
2020-07-24 Sergey MatveevUse stderr for -fsck errors
2019-12-18 Sergey MatveevLess sed
2019-12-17 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 2.3.0 release
2019-12-17 Sergey MatveevCheck PyPI HTTP status code v2.3.0
2019-12-17 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years
2019-12-15 Sergey MatveevAutogenerate INSTALL
2019-12-09 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 2.2.0 release
2019-12-09 Sergey MatveevPrepare for website v2.2.0
2019-12-09 Sergey MatveevMore errors logging
2019-12-08 Sergey MatveevFix root rendering
2019-12-07 Sergey MatveevExplicitly mention of secure password storage v2.1.0
2019-12-07 Sergey MatveevSplit pretty huge gocheese.go
2019-12-07 Sergey MatveevRefactor digest processing, BLAKE2b-256 support, cleanu...
2019-12-07 Sergey MatveevDisable /gpgupdate/ URL by default
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevMultiple upstream digest algorithms support
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevFix digest mismatch error
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevFailed download logging
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevSome PyPIs do not include schema and domain name
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevExplicitly required SHA256 digest information
2019-12-06 Sergey Matveevfsck at stdout for convenience
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevCheck for 404 error of .asc downloads
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevSync directories renaming
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevAllow upload only of internal packages
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevDocumentation actualize
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevWheel friendliness
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevDealing with GPG signatures
2019-12-06 Sergey MatveevChecksumming of uploaded packages
2019-12-05 Sergey MatveevProhibit any other HTTP methods v2.0.0