2022-08-30 Sergey Matveevio/ioutil is deprecated since Go 1.16 master
2022-01-07 Sergey MatveevRaised copyright years
2021-10-05 Sergey Matveevredo targets
2021-09-19 Sergey MatveevYet another fix
2021-09-18 Sergey MatveevFix docstring
2021-09-17 Sergey MatveevBuffer fixing and simplification
2021-09-11 Sergey MatveevUnnecessary UCSPI prefix
2021-09-08 Sergey MatveevAllow PEMs to contain various entities
2021-09-04 Sergey MatveevReturned parsed certificates also in CertPoolFromFile
2021-09-03 Sergey MatveevPretty print TLS version
2021-09-01 Sergey Matveevtlsc -insecure
2021-08-10 Sergey MatveevSNI friendly tlsc -show
2021-08-10 Sergey Matveevproxy
2021-07-25 Sergey MatveevInitial commit