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descriptionGo implementation of djb's redo
last changeSun, 4 Jun 2023 08:24:38 +0000 (11:24 +0300)
2 days ago Sergey MatveevUse more efficient ReadDir instead of Readdir master
2 days ago Sergey MatveevUpdate dependencies
2023-04-14 Sergey MatveevRedundant @documentencoding
2023-04-13 Sergey MatveevHashes are redundantly present in .meta4
2023-03-23 Sergey MatveevUnnecessary _
2023-02-06 Sergey MatveevAdd goredoer container image/file
2023-01-31 Sergey Matveevew's articles and thanks
2023-01-18 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 1.30.0 release
2023-01-18 Sergey MatveevUnnecessary .sh extension v1.30.0
2023-01-18 Sergey MatveevFix wrong OOD cache value of the source file
2023-01-17 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 1.29.0 release
2023-01-17 Sergey MatveevUpdate dependencies v1.29.0
2023-01-17 Sergey MatveevFix simultaneous duplicate always-ed target run
2022-12-27 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years
2022-12-08 Sergey MatveevInode information printing helper
2022-11-14 Sergey MatveevMissing redo-cleanup's note
4 months ago v1.30.0 Fix wrong OOD cache value of the...
4 months ago v1.29.0 Fix duplicate always-ed targets...
6 months ago v1.28.0 Do not remove .lock, less races
8 months ago v1.27.1 Fix lack of .redo-prefix in tempora...
9 months ago v1.27.0 Improved performance because of...
9 months ago v1.26.0 Missing NO_COLOR check
12 months ago v1.25.0 Lockfiles require jobserver's token
15 months ago v1.24.0 Small fixes. Cleanup of $3 directories
15 months ago v1.23.0 No excess target overwrite. InodeNu...
16 months ago v1.22.0 fcntl, redo-depfix, REDO_STOP_IF_MO...
18 months ago v1.21.0 REDO_INODE_TRUST=mtime
18 months ago v1.20.0 Warn simultaneous ifcreate/ifchange...
18 months ago v1.19.0 default.do-s must not depend on...
19 months ago v1.18.0 BuildUUID check regression
19 months ago v1.17.0 Kill children
19 months ago v1.16.0 Less panic, OOD nonexistent targets
2 days ago master
2 months ago testing