descriptionGo implementation of djb's redo
last changeMon, 10 Jan 2022 21:38:32 +0000 (00:38 +0300)
9 days ago Sergey MatveevReplace flock() with fcntl() locks master
12 days ago Sergey MatveevRaised copyright years
2021-11-20 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 1.21.0 release
2021-11-20 Sergey MatveevAbility to rely on mtime, instead of ctime v1.21.0
2021-11-20 Sergey MatveevDedup error
2021-11-19 Sergey MatveevPrepared mutt-call commands
2021-11-19 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 1.20.0 release
2021-11-19 Sergey MatveevWarn simultaneous ifcreate/ifchange usage v1.20.0
2021-11-19 Sergey MatveevTypo
2021-11-19 Sergey MatveevUnify dep*Read/Write name
2021-11-17 Sergey MatveevLinting
2021-11-17 Sergey MatveevFedora package
2021-11-09 Sergey MatveevDownload link for 1.19.0 release
2021-11-08 Sergey MatveevBe up to date with blake3 dependency v1.19.0
2021-11-08 Sergey must not depend on themselves
2021-11-08 Sergey MatveevisModified check must only look at ifchanges
8 weeks ago v1.21.0 REDO_INODE_TRUST=mtime
2 months ago v1.20.0 Warn simultaneous ifcreate/ifchange...
2 months ago v1.19.0 must not depend on...
2 months ago v1.18.0 BuildUUID check regression
3 months ago v1.17.0 Kill children
3 months ago v1.16.0 Less panic, OOD nonexistent targets
3 months ago v1.15.0 Explicitly check if $1 unexpectedly...
4 months ago v1.14.0 Fix proper ifcreate relative paths
5 months ago v1.13.0 Collision resistant .log-rec extension
5 months ago v1.12.0 Fix lack of success messages printing
5 months ago v1.11.0 Fix .rec renaming
5 months ago v1.10.0 Recursive logs fixes
5 months ago v1.9.0 Recursive logs
6 months ago v1.8.0 Dependency paths fix
6 months ago v1.7.0 bmake/gmake jobserver compatibility
6 months ago v1.6.0 redo-affects
9 days ago master