2022-03-24 Sergey MatveevKeep mtime to be friendly with rsync master
2022-03-24 Sergey MatveevGenerate Metalinks
2022-03-24 Sergey MatveevVP8L has highest compression for screenshots
2022-03-24 Sergey MatveevUnsupported .memoryview() lint-friendly exception 9.3
2022-03-23 Sergey Matveevkeep_memoryview context option 9.2
2022-03-23 Sergey MatveevUse an updated hypothesis
2022-03-23 Sergey MatveevFix possible test's huge memory consumption
2022-01-07 Sergey MatveevRaised copyright years
2021-08-30 Sergey MatveevProperly raise version 9.1
2021-08-30 Sergey MatveevUnify trailing dots in news
2021-08-30 Sergey MatveevAdd missing totzdatetime documentation references
2021-08-30 Sergey Matveevpython-dateutil 2.7 is enough
2021-08-30 Sergey MatveevShorter exception message, not everything is installed...
2021-08-30 Sergey MatveevCheaper existence check
2021-08-30 Anton DemkinAdd `totzdatetime` method to UTCTime
2021-08-24 Sergey MatveevSimplify hexenc/hexdec
2021-07-16 Sergey Matveevfind -exec optimization
2021-06-04 Sergey MatveevFix typo in the header
2021-06-04 Sergey MatveevFix "mixing" class names typo 9.0
2021-06-04 Sergey MatveevAdd proper __slots__ for mixin classes
2021-06-04 Sergey MatveevRemove Py27 compatibility
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevLight's tar simplification 8.4
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevUse zstd instead of xz at last
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevWe are not dependant on the very latest six
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevBe up to date with six
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevPretty link
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevFixed download link
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevFix browser style breakage
2021-02-17 Sergey MatveevNew maillist address
2021-01-14 Sergey MatveevAppend offset to tree elements in browser 8.3
2021-01-05 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years
2020-12-13 Sergey MatveevBe up to date with six 8.2
2020-12-13 Sergey MatveevPrepare for release
2020-12-13 Sergey MatveevYet another URL change
2020-09-04 Sergey MatveevMore CER encoding mentioning
2020-08-12 Sergey MatveevOID test vector from Go
2020-08-04 Sergey MatveevFix example SignedAttributes bounds
2020-07-29 Sergey Matveevpdb's pp1 mention
2020-07-23 Sergey articles mention
2020-07-23 Sergey MatveevReplace Makefile with redo
2020-07-23 Sergey MatveevURL fixes
2020-05-08 Sergey MatveevHide mmap imports, failing on Windows 8.1
2020-05-07 Sergey MatveevFix test failing on Windows: it does not support negati...
2020-05-07 Sergey MatveevMissing dateutil test dependency
2020-04-20 Sergey MatveevWord emphasis
2020-04-14 Sergey MatveevExplicitly forbid aware-datetimes usage 8.0
2020-04-13 Sergey MatveevCheck if tag's long form used in expected way 7.7
2020-04-13 Sergey MatveevLong tag form must not contain zero byte
2020-04-13 Sergey MatveevSubstitute class name in exception
2020-03-25 Sergey MatveevProper VisibleString, IA5String, TeletexString, T61Stri... 7.6
2020-03-25 Sergey MatveevPEP8
2020-03-24 Sergey MatveevAlso print full TLVlen 7.5
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevMention --browse
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevMissing CER mention in makedist
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevMissing brackets
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevASN.1 browser 7.4
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevInteger.tohex()
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevRemove forgotten unreachable code
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevFix classes instantiation when invoked as __main__
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevFix invalid defines specification
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevExplicitly close file descriptors to satisfy hypothesis...
2020-02-26 Sergey Matveevcolonize_hex is publicly available function
2020-02-18 Sergey MatveevStrict DEFAULT check in evgen mode 7.3
2020-02-18 Sergey MatveevMore seealso directive usage
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevDER 2pass encoding 7.2
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevCorrect permissions in tarball
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevSimplify code with _values_for_encoding override
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevSimple performance optimizations
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevSome PyLint disables
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevRestored CLI workability
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevOmit writer keyword, as it is the only argument
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevUse bytes joining for three elements
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevRemove unused variable
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevRemove forgotten moved get_def_by_path
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevREADME update and CER/BER mentioning 7.1
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevCheck that interleaved characters are ok 7.0
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevStore OIDs as an array.array
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevSplit TestX690PrefixedType test cases
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevUp to date documentation
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevSequenceOf iterator support
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevStreaming of huge data support
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevCheck for evgen upto mode
2020-02-16 Sergey Matveevagg_octet_string
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevCLI --evgen
2020-02-16 Sergey Matveevmmap-ed memoryview support
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevInitial support for CER encoding
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevInitial support for event generated mode
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevValid DER SET ordering
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevFix double encoded values decoding in SET
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevSome trivial documentation links
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevFix minimal tag value in tests: zero tag has only EOC
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevMove CLI usage example to the library itself
2020-02-15 Sergey MatveevUse BasicState for code reducing
2020-02-15 Sergey MatveevUse "schema" instead of "scheme" everywhere
2020-02-15 Sergey Matveevenviron import is used only in __main__
2020-02-12 Sergey MatveevSlightly more modern Sphinx
2020-02-12 Sergey MatveevExplicitly note tag_ctxX usage
2020-02-12 Sergey MatveevSeparate fast and long testing modes with nose configur...
2020-02-12 Sergey MatveevAbility to specify max_examples via envvar
2020-02-12 Sergey MatveevMistakes in docstring