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2022-01-07 Sergey MatveevRaised copyright years master
2021-01-05 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years
2019-12-20 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years v1.1.1
2019-10-06 Sergey MatveevDecrease default hardness parameters for most cases v1.1.0
2019-10-06 Sergey MatveevOutput also in encoded form
2019-10-06 Sergey Matveev-help mentions SHA512 hash
2019-10-06 Sergey MatveevAdd missing copyright information
2019-10-06 Sergey MatveevDo not require salt passing, generate it
2019-10-05 Sergey MatveevNamespace is changed to go.cypherpunks.ru/balloon
2019-10-05 Sergey MatveevReduce lines number, simplify code
2019-10-02 Sergey MatveevInitial module support v1.0.0
2019-10-02 Sergey MatveevForbid any later GNU GPL versions autousage
2019-01-18 Sergey MatveevSimple command-line utility for hashing
2019-01-18 Sergey MatveevFix bug with a possible race when running with multiple...
2019-01-18 Sergey MatveevPerformance optimizations
2019-01-18 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years
2018-01-01 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years
2017-08-21 Sergey MatveevRelicence this library to LGPLv3+
2017-01-02 Sergey MatveevRaise copyright years
2016-09-11 Sergey MatveevInitial revision