Note about value removing from Sequence
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2018-01-02 Sergey MatveevStrict default values existence validation option
2018-01-01 Sergey MatveevDecode context and defines feature extending
2017-11-18 Sergey MatveevAbility to seek in command line utility 1.6
2017-11-06 Sergey MatveevAbility to specify defines_by_path during command line... 1.5
2017-11-06 Sergey MatveevMove generic decoder scheme and pretty printer out...
2017-10-29 Sergey MatveevDEFINED BY support
2017-10-29 Sergey MatveevTake version from VERSION when building documentation
2017-10-29 Sergey MatveevPython's -m option can have space before the argument
2017-10-15 Sergey MatveevMove THANKS to documentation
2017-10-04 Sergey MatveevRemark about just copying
2017-10-04 Sergey MatveevNEWS
2017-10-03 Sergey MatveevPackaging additions 1.0
2017-10-03 Sergey MatveevIt is better to invoke pyderasn through -m
2017-10-01 Sergey MatveevInitial revision