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2021-08-30 Sergey MatveevProperly raise version master 9.1
2021-08-30 Sergey MatveevAdd missing totzdatetime documentation references
2021-06-04 Sergey MatveevRemove Py27 compatibility
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevUse zstd instead of xz at last
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevBe up to date with six
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevFixed download link
2021-05-15 Sergey MatveevFix browser style breakage
2021-01-14 Sergey MatveevAppend offset to tree elements in browser 8.3
2020-12-13 Sergey MatveevBe up to date with six 8.2
2020-12-13 Sergey MatveevPrepare for release
2020-07-23 Sergey MatveevURL fixes
2020-05-08 Sergey MatveevHide mmap imports, failing on Windows 8.1
2020-04-14 Sergey MatveevExplicitly forbid aware-datetimes usage 8.0
2020-04-13 Sergey MatveevLong tag form must not contain zero byte
2020-03-25 Sergey MatveevProper VisibleString, IA5String, TeletexString, T61Stri... 7.6
2020-03-24 Sergey MatveevAlso print full TLVlen 7.5
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevASN.1 browser 7.4
2020-03-22 Sergey MatveevFix classes instantiation when invoked as __main__
2020-02-18 Sergey MatveevStrict DEFAULT check in evgen mode 7.3
2020-02-17 Sergey MatveevRestored CLI workability
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevREADME update and CER/BER mentioning 7.1
2020-02-16 Sergey MatveevFix double encoded values decoding in SET
2020-02-11 Sergey Matveevnamedtuple initialization workability under Py35 6.3
2020-02-10 Sergey MatveevFully strict integers validation in *Time 6.2
2020-02-08 Sergey MatveevAll OID arcs must be non-negative numbers
2020-02-06 Sergey Matveevcopy/pickle friendly Obj
2020-01-23 Sergey MatveevUpdate six dependency, just to be up to date
2020-01-23 Sergey MatveevConvenient decod() helper method
2019-12-17 Sergey MatveevAdd PEP-396 compatible module's __version__ 5.5
2019-12-16 Sergey MatveevInclude pip requirements hashes
2019-12-16 Sergey MatveevDo not shadow DecodeError for optional field 5.4
2019-10-03 Sergey MatveevPOSIX tells that $ character is default shell prompt
2019-09-04 Sergey MatveevNo keyserver usage suggestion
2018-10-04 Sergey MatveevPKA key distribution is over
2018-08-07 Sergey MatveevDecode path printing
2018-05-20 Sergey MatveevInclude termcolor tarball
2018-05-20 Sergey MatveevPreparing for next release
2018-05-20 Sergey MatveevPyPI has changed its URLs
2018-02-13 Sergey MatveevColourized output
2017-10-04 Sergey MatveevRemark about just copying
2017-10-03 Sergey MatveevPackaging additions 1.0
2017-10-01 Sergey MatveevInitial revision